The Alphabet of Abuse — by Ida Mae


A Cry For Justice

Ida Mae put this in a comment under the article about how I got duped by an abuser, and we just had to put it in its own post so we are sure everyone sees it.  Many of our readers will say “Amen!” from A to Z as they read .  Her abuser repeatedly accused her of being rebellious to him in at least these 26 ways.  And yes, Ida Mae, there is another alphabet – A1, A2, A3 –  see how many more are available for you:) –

Ah yes… rebellious. I got that title for:
a) parking too far to the left when i was told to park more to the right
b) failing to read the husband’s mind (I *knew* when he was getting home, so why wasn’t dinner on the table? Despite the fact he took two hours sometimes to make a twenty minute trip home)

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