Biblical Womanhood is Often NOT Biblical


A Cry For Justice

We wanted to highlight this very good comment from Missdaisy who posted it on our blog in response to another commenter. So here it is, and many thanks to her. I highly suspect that many of you will identify precisely with what she is saying. [you can find her original commenthere]

Basically what many conservative Christians or conservative churches do is present codependency as being “biblical womanhood,” as though being a doormat is, or was, God’s intent for women, and is the only “biblical” way a woman or girl could be. I was certainly raised this way.

Most materials and sermons I got from Christians in my girlhood emphasized that the only way a girl or woman could be pleasing to God was to be a doormat to other people. Meaning, many hallmarks of codependency are present in this teaching, such as:

  • It is biblical or good for a girl or…

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